Rahimafrooz Stationary Battery

Rahimafrooz Accumulators Ltd is the leading manufacturer of OPZs batteries in Bangladesh. Rahiamafrooz OPZs range has been well proven for decades in medium and large power requirement. This energy storage battery is a low maintenance lead acid battery with liquid electrolyte. With Robust design, long design life, optimized plate design and highest operational safety, we are prime supplier of these batteries in Bangladesh as well as in south East Asia. We have a very wide product range with capacity extending from 2V 100AH-3000AH.

Main applications

Renewable Energy, Photovoltaic and wind power stations.
Power Distribution Companies
Emergency Lighting
Transmission Switching
UPS systems
Alarm systems
Product Features

Pressure Casted tubular positive grids with low antimony lead for longer life.
Pasted negative flat plates for maximum performance
Distinctive microporous material separators
Durable transparent Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) Container
Special porous ceramic filter with flame arresting ability allows free exit of oxygen and hydrogen generated during normal cyclic use.
Premium grade dilute sulphuric acid of Specific Gravity 1.240 to enhance battery life.
Optional vent plugs available which allow for watering and specific gravity readings without removal
Large operating temperature range,  can be used  from 0°C – 50 °C
Compliant with DIN 40736-1 and IEC 60896-11 standards.

Product Range & Specification

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