Solar Battery

Rahimafrooz Accumulators Ltd manufactures Tubular Deep cycle solar batteries which is best suited for any Renewable Energy System. With these batteries Rahimafrooz is the one of pioneering partners of the Renewable Energy Movement in Bangladesh through the involvement in the Solar Home System (SHS) installation program which is considered to be one of the most successful models of off grid solar energy solutions throughout the world. We have been exporting batteries to global markets since 1992.
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                      Traction Dry Cell Batteries

Rahimafroooz Accumulators Ltd is pioneer in manufacturing traction batteries in Bangladesh. Rahimafrooz traction batteries have been well proven in both home and abroad for more than a decade.  These batteries have a rugged and robust design to withstand wear and stress in regular use. Rahimafrooz has a wide range of traction batteries with different voltages, capacities and dimension. Our product range covers both BS and DIN standards according to EN60254-1. We produce cells and batteries in Welded version and bolted version.

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Golf Cart and Electric Vehicle

The excellence of a battery is defined with superior technology, enhanced service and longer life. And at Rahimafrooz Accumulators Ltd., with over 58 years of experience in battery manufacturing, we ensure that best for you. Your golf cart/electric vehicle needs to go a long way and with Rahimafrooz EV battery, you can be assured not only with the outstanding performance of the batteries, but the increased level of efficiency and longevity of your vehicle also. Get the best for your golf cart/electric vehicle and get going through the greenery and roads. 
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